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Water for Life

Communities around the world are in urgent need of clean and safe water for drinking, cooking and hygiene. Entire communities in Pakistan have little choice but to suffer the effects of waterborne diseases because they have no other options when it comes to drinking water. So far, IRM has managed to install 8 water pumps in the province of Sindh & KPK. Out of the total, 6 water pumps are situated in Hyderabad, Sindh and the remaining 2 are in Nowshera, KPK.

22 million in Pakistan have no access to clean water. Each year, 19,500 children die from poor sanitation and ingesting dirty, disease-ridden water. Pakistan is ranked as one of the top 10 countries in the world with the lowest access to safe, clean water. 85% of people in Pakistan don’t have access to clean drinking water. When it comes time to collect water for drinking, washing or cooking, many families walk miles upon miles to reach a water source and strain themselves considerably to fetch it, before carrying heavy buckets filled with contaminated, unsafe water home. 

Entire communities in Pakistan have little choice but to suffer the effects of waterborne diseases because they have no other options when it comes to drinking water. Sadly, around 40% of all deaths in Pakistan are due to drinking contaminated water.   We’re setting up water pumps throughout Pakistan’s most impoverished communities to put an end to this water crisis and keep Pakistani families happy and healthy. These water pumps are installed after water testing. As a pilot four water pumps have been installed in the vicinity of Hyderabad, Sindh Pakistan. Our hand pump project have been gaining popularity due to its cost effectiveness. Your help and donation can help to quench the thirst of millions.

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