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Ride in Pink

Building on Pink Rickshaw Initiative Plan International Pakistan and IRM introduce Ride In Pink that will aim at giving young women/girls access to women friendly, quality, safe and economical transport services through overcoming mobility barriers and also give skills to manage a women friendly transportation service.

Sustainable and decent work opportunities are created for disadvantaged young women in a women managed transportation company/cooperative (WTC) aiming at overcoming mobility barriers for other young women and girls in Chakwal. The women economic empowerment is the main thrust behind this project. 

Gender sensitivity is an integral part of this project. Women managed Transport Company to ensure safe and harassment free commuting services for young women andgirls.
During pilot phase, 3 women rickshaw drivers/pilots  are trained and provided with rickshaws. The feasibility plan and routes for piloting are chalk out, rickshaw drivers are now on road and generating income. Furthermore, 9 Women recently have completed their Rickshaw driving training and awaiting their license before going on to the road. The next batch will be comprised of 4 Women Rickshaw drivers and 5 Women Carry Van drivers hence completing the target of 20 Women drivers.

Project Duration: September 2017- January 2019

Contact: anwar@irm.edu.pk

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