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Strengthening Civil Society Organizations Project


The Strengthening Civil Society Organization is a one-year project funded by the U.S. State Department and implemented by University of Massachusetts Civic Initiative Donahue Institute and IRM to enhance effectiveness and to strengthen Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Pakistan.

The purpose of the “Strengthening Civil Society Organizations” is to address capacity gaps in Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) across Pakistan and provide training to meet the following objectives:

In order to enhance effectiveness of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Pakistan, the U.S. Department of States with its implementing partner IRM and University of Massachusetts Donahue Institute (UMass) will provide capacity development assistance tailored to the needs of each selected CSO. The selected CSO’s will get the opportunity to work directly with IRM and UMass.

IRM with its partner UMass will provide a wide range of capacity development assistance to Pakistani CSOs. The Organizational Capacity Assessment is conducted with the goal of helping them to develop into stable and sustainable organizations through its Organizational Capacity Assessment Tool (OCAT). The capacity development is a facilitated learning process, which gives CSOs the latitude to define their own priorities and tailor specific interventions to individual and organizational needs. The organizational development areas that are targeted by the said tool are: governance, financial management, administration, HR management, financial sustainability, strategic planning, fundraising, organizational management, and project management.



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