Polio Eradication Initiative (PEI) UNICEF Pakistan

The world is closer to eradicating Poliomyelitis than it has ever been. It is evident that now only three countries (Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan) are accounted for Polio cases. Behavioral change communication strategies through social mobilization of various community groups and targeted community engagement is essential for public to keep immunizing their children.

Under the long term agreement with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), IRM has involved children as mascot of change in existing communication interventions.  There are two major components of the project which include:

  1. Training of AICs in KP and Fata
  2. Sehat Muhafiz Project 
  1. Training of AICs in KP and Fata

Under the second component of PEI, IRM undertook a number of activities which are as follows:

1) Training of Trainers

2) Training of AICs in KP and Fata. The total Number of participants who attended the AIC trainings is 8137 from KP and FATA. 

  1. Sehat Muhafiz Project

Sehat Muhafiz component focuses on active involvement of school going children in a number of well-planned activities which include Health class, Sehat Muhafiz Games and Sehat Muhafiz Info Sessions.

To start with, the teachers provide children with vital information about healthcare (Sehat class). After this, the teachers inspire the students to participate in the ongoing fight against polio (Sehat Muhafiz Games) and lastly, they conduct info sessions with the peers and parents/caregivers of children below five (Sehat Muhafiz Info Fairs).

Following are the activities under sehat muhafiz project

  1. Training of Trainers
  2. Capacity Building of Teachers of 14 selected schools
  3. Monitoring visits of trainers in schools for sehat muhafiz games
  4. Closing ceremony


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