IRM Programmes

Professional Development Programme

PDP is one of the key departments of IRM which was previously known as Staff Training Programme that’s responsible for the improvement and advancement of an organization’s human resource capacity. PDP department plans, designs and conducts events related to Management, Leadership and on job supports. PDP offers multiple professionalism based trainings to strengthen the effectiveness and capacity of the individual and of organizations.
In addition to the above mentioned, PDP works on various workshops, seminars and exposure visits for diverse organizations’ professional staff from all across Pakistan.
PDP pervious practice focused on specialized announced trainings. Now that trend has changed with the individuals and organizations being more focused toward those trainings which give them knowledge of more than one topic in one training. Similarly areas of training have also expanded due to individual demands and changing organizational need. Keeping in view, the diverse nature of work, PDP has changed its mandate and is focusing more on projects now.

Purpose of PDP
The core activity of PDP is projects oriented. It focuses on all types of projects pertaining to the professional development of staff, education, health, livelihood, institutional capacity building, governance, gender and sustainable development goals. To improve performance at the individual as well as organizational levels, various workshops, seminars and exposure visits are designed for the professional staff of various organizations.

Beneficiaries of Training
University students, staff of RSPs, INGOs, NGOs, Corporate and Government sectors.


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