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Advocacy Communication & Networking

At IRM read ACN as collaboration and creativity!

Advocacy Communication & Networking (ACN) is our organizational approach to build on the notion of gradual and progressive learning. We are institutionalizing ACN for accessing, retaining and sharing information at both the individual and institutional level. Networking is strengthening linkages among IRM sections as well as national and international institutes.

We aspire ACN to be then one stop hub for preparation and dissemination of IEC material. So that all sections stay jelled as well as IRM stays linked with Development and civil society organizations, Academia and Media. The wheel of ACN runs with the functioning of following:

Write shop

At the Write Shop IRM’s staff collect and present information. The documents are the representation of two decades of work of IRM at national and international level. Our Quarterly Newsletter ‘HRD Communiqué’ is compiled and edited here.

The Write Shop also offers quality compiling, writing, editing and services at competitive rates. Our clients include national and international development sector organizations.

Graphic Studio

ACN‘s Graphic Studio does design and artwork for reports produced by IRM, RSPs as well as for other organizations. We offer designing for corporate stationary, Posters , Leaflets/Flyers, Corporate Brochure, Newsletters, Progress Reports, Product Catalogues and customized designing for training events including Flex/Skins and participant’s folders.

Social Media

This nascent initiative of ACN holds a great promise for organizational connectivity. Website content is regularly updated with constant feedback of all IRM programmes and write shop editing facility.

Updating IRM activities on social media aims to build a culture of listening and being heard. It paves way for broader outreach in global village we all are living.

Audio Video Studio (AV)

IRM Training pictures and documentaries are exposed and edited and distributed by our AV Studio. The quality work of AV Studio can be seen on all our Annual Reports, newsletters and this website! IRM has an archive of more than 1,500 digitized documentaries, a vast collection of audio-video digital recordings and a wealth of digitized photographs dating back to the late 1980s, covering the evolution of the RSP movement in Pakistan.

Media Production Services:

ACN provides a wide range of audio, video, and multimedia production services. Record audio and video in our AV studio, or have us produce DVDs, or web files of your research materials. Disc duplication services with custom graphics and CD cover packaging are also available.

Library service

Established in 2000, the library is a repository of the Akhtar Hameed Khan’s and Shoaib Sultan khan’s life & work as well as RSP’s evolution. The library holds Nearly 9,000 titles focusing poverty alleviation and development in Pakistan and South Asian Region.  Local and international development practitioners, students and researchers are constantly benefiting from the Library’s CAS( current awareness service) and DDS (document delivery service). For details please see IRM Library page.

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Programme Officer- ACN


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