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28th July, 2017 showed eager faces full of anticipation. 6 weeks of research, learning and team building coming to a proper conclusion. After the cake cutting, the interns gave comprehensive presentations followed by the distribution of certificates- labour of hard work.
Prof. Rao Nadeem (Quaid-e-Azam University), Khurram Shahzad (RSPN), Tehreem Hasan Syed (IRM) were present at the occasion.
Mr. Aasim Reza congratulated the interns, encouraged them to apply the lessons learnt from this opportunity and wished them success in their lives.


More than 60% of Pakistan’s total population consists of rural population. No economic and social development strategy can bring desired results until we address this large portion of the population. Further, due to lack of facilities and opportunities in the rural areas, there is a continuous flow of rural population to urban areas. Consequently, problems are being faced in the urban development planning itself.

Triple Helix Model has the potential to provide solutions to a large number of socio-development issues. IRM, which has been given the mission is to eradicate poverty, reduce inequality and improve the quality of life of the rural communities, is organizing a Seminar on the topic of

The Triple Helix: Relationship between Government, Academia and Industry

on 26th July 2017 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at IRM Complex in Islamabad


The first stage of the 5 days teacher training under the Smart School project was organized by IRM team at Jamshoro on 5th-9th July 2017 and included 20 participants. 

The objective of the training was capacity building of teacher to impart the quality education to the students in their respective center through various teaching techniques such as child friendly school culture, joyful learning and usage of learning aids within the available resources.

Contents Covered in the Training:


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