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Community Health Training

Training under Community Health is involved with many local projects and programs that allow learners (CO members) to provide community services to underserved rural populations.

This Training helps the participants understand information on community needs, assets, resources, community screening (The purpose of screening is to identify those who need diagnostic testing in order to determine who is likely to be helped by treatment to reduce the risk epidemic) and how social determinants of health relate to many of the projects.

Community Health
Training programme Duration
Social Safety Nets Training Programmes 30 days
Health Committee Training 3 days
Family Planning Orientation 01 -03 day
Community Health Worker Training Level – I 30 days
Community Health Worker Training Level – II 30 days
Community Health Worker Training Level – III 30 days


Equal Opportunities and Accessibility
We endeavor to make our courses accessible to all.  If you have any particular needs/disability, which it would be helpful for the facilitator to know about, please contact us directly to discuss prior to the course.


Learning style

The basic learning strategy will be “learning by Doing”. This will be accomplished through lectures, tutorials and discussions.



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