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Emergency & Relief Training

Providing relief services for emergency situations takes a wide array of personal skills and group support. Although each relief worker may have a very different role in a crisis, every individual must understand disaster protocol.

Through Emergency & Relief training, IRM prepares community and professional staff of development organizations to meet the needs of suffering victims and to function as an effective team.

Every disaster setting has its own hazards. Health hazards follow all large-scale disasters, particularly in third-world countries where hygiene and medical care are limited. Thus training of Emergency and Relief workers plays an important role on disease prevention and safe rehabilitation.

Emergency & Relief
Training Programme Duration
First Aid Training Level – 1 10 days
First Aid Training Level – 2 10 days
School Health Services 6 days
Dealing with Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) 01 day
Flood Rescue Training 01 day
Epidemiology in DRR 01 day
Epidemic Prevention 05 Days
Emergency First Aid Training
Selection criteria: F.A, F. Sc (or appeared in exams)
Eligibility: Age between 16-35,
60 days (30 days class room and 30 days apprenticeship with Emergency wards in Health Department)

Hygiene & Sanitation Training

Hygiene & Sanitation
Training Programme Duration
Health & Sanitation Training 15 days
Health & Hygiene Sessions 01 day

Ideal for

Community members, medical providers, humanitarian organizations, construction workers and communication specialists who are likely among those responding the disasters.

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