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We are always inspired to see what people do when they have access to technology: digital technologies can be a powerful catalyst for enhancing incomes, productivity, and economic growth. Since 2020, Grow with Google has equipped tens of thousands of Pakistanis with free access to training courses, tools, products, and programs. Ever since, we’ve continued our efforts to accelerate economic recovery by helping people find jobs, advance their careers, and grow their businesses.

To help you to prepare to be job-ready in under 6 months at your own pace, we have developed a brand-new program – Google Career Certifications. Designed to prepare jobseekers and underprivileged communities to be job-ready with in-demand skills within 6 months, this program offers the tools to advance your career at a rapid pace.

Google, IRM and Ignite have scholarships available for those in need. Please complete the form on this website, and we will be in touch with successful applicants.

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Google Career Certificates (

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