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Climate change

Institute of Rural Management has a wide experience to organize and mobilize rural communities and bring awareness among the communities across Pakistan. IRM remained involved to overcome and mitigate the effects of climate changes that are directly and indirectly affecting the rural and urban communities i.e. constructions of infrastructure, afforestation, horticulture, Awareness Sessions, Training on Disaster Risk Reduction. IRM has implemented a vast number of projects in the area of climate change.

IRM under its community Training programme, mobilize rural communities of (Location/area) to grow Fruit and other types of trees to improve the environment of the locality. 

IRM has versatile experiences in awareness workshops/seminars/training under natural resource management programme plants of about PKR. 4.2 million were planted with a survival rate of 85%. The success of this project was based on awareness of community developed through social mobilization.

IRM has trained 10,600 rural men and women for construction and maintenance of small infrastructure schemes.

 IRM mobilized communities to preserve rainwater with the construction of structures.

Awareness Sessions on one day WASH programme were conducted for the affected rural communities of Punjab and KP in the flood of 2010.

Under UCBRP, low-cost construction of ONE ROOM SHELTER model was initiated to help over 70,000 Disaster-affected communities of Sindh region (Force Migration Review). IRM was part of the mega programme and constructed ONE ROOM SHELTER for the communities of Sindh. The One Room Shelter strategy introduced a low-cost construction model to communities in rural Sindh who were previously unaware of flood protection measures.

IRM Services on Climate Change Adaptation

IRM under its Environment & Natural Resource Management Programme initiated Climate change programme. Some of the major programmes on climate change are:

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