Environment and Natural Resource Management Training Programme

Kitchen Gardening

In order to save and utilize the available resources without compromising on environment ENRM initiated Kitchen Gardening Training. In September 2009 ENRM announced a partnership with NARC to deliver this fully integrated training programme.

Our rural farmers are mainly dependent on agriculture, forest and livestock production as a means of their livelihood. Kitchen Gardening Training is an effective training as the vegetables are high in demand and value. The vegetables orchard establishment will fulfill the dietary requirements and will be used for income generation from the market.

The goal of Kitchen Gardening Training is to upgrade income generating opportunities of selected households through better farming techniques, off-season vegetables & kitchen gardening production and establishment of vegetable orchards among villages in the selected districts.

It’s a fresh addition in ENRM portfolioand its implementation needs the provision of training to interest group of kitchen gardening (mostly women) regarding the practices of off-season vegetables cultivation around their households.

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