IRM Programmes

Professional Development Programme

PDP (Professional Development Programme), is one of the core divisions of IRM, which is in charge of enhancing and advancing an organization’s human resource capabilities. Events pertaining to management, leadership, and on-the-job support are planned, created, and carried out by the PDP department. PDP provides a variety of professionalism-based trainings to improve organizational and individual effectiveness and capability.

In addition to the aforementioned, PDP organizes a variety of workshops, seminars, and exposure trips for the professional staff of various organizations from all across Pakistan.

Prior PDP practice concentrated on officially publicized specialized trainings. Since then, the trend has evolved, and people and companies are now increasingly interested in trainings that cover multiple topics simultaneously. Similar to this, training topics have grown as a result of personal demands and shifting organizational requirements. Due to the varied nature of work, PDP has modified its mission and is now more focused on projects.

Purpose of PDP
PDP’s primary activity is project-based. It focuses on projects relating to staff professional development, education, health, livelihood, institutional capacity building, governance, gender, and long-term development goals. Various workshops, seminars, and exposure visits are designed for professional staff of various organizations to improve performance at both the individual and organizational levels. Individuals and organizations are now more focused on trainings that provide them with knowledge of more than one topic in a single training.

Beneficiaries of Training
University students, Staff of RSPs, INGOs, NGOs, Corporate and Government Sectors.

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