Professional Development Programme

Disaster Risk Management

Disasters like Earthquakes, floods, tsunami, hurricane and manmade disasters cost lives, destroy communities, wreck havoc on people’s livelihoods and leave a lasting impact not only on physical infrastructure but also on people’s psycho-social well-being.

Pakistan is often faced with various environmental, economic and social challenges. In order to effectively prepare for, and respond to these disasters, a multi-disciplinary approach is needed. Such an approach is only possible if people are empowered with the appropriate skills and knowledge of implementing effective initiatives focused on DRM as well as disaster response and relief.

The principal aim of this workshop is to train individuals in public and private institutions in various issues relating to Disaster Risk Management, to provide comprehensive knowledge about the disaster management process. It is designed to enable the professionals working in DRM to look into the issues relating to vulnerability and risk assessment, prevention, mitigation, preparedness, rehabilitation and reconstruction.

This workshop aims to build capacity in community-based prevention and mitigation of natural disasters by providing the relevant information, methods, tools and examples of good practice in disaster risk management. By completing the workshop, the participants will learn how to:

Ideal For

The workshop is suitable for professionals working in the field of disaster, risk and emergency management in either the public or private sectors, including: disaster managers, security & rescue personnel, community health officials, communication officials and sociologists.

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