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Grooming for Success

In today’s increasingly global arena, technical knowledge alone is not enough to ensure success. Sophistication is more and more the catchword. Given a choice between two equally talented individuals, corporations will choose the candidate with greater interpersonal & social grace to represent it. In fact, knowing how to treat others well is more important now than ever. After all, who we are shows in how we behave and how we appear to others. Etiquette and protocol do count in the business world, as no matter how brilliant an employee may be, his or her lack of social grace can make a bad first impression on clients & business associates.

These are important soft skills that are seldom taught but are very important in successful social and professional interaction. Realizing the importance of this aspect to our career success, Management Development Programme has designed this one day workshop.



Ideal For

Any one, who is interested to improve their inner-self, grooming skills, effectiveness and self- confidence.

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