Professional Development Programme

Innovation Center for Education (ICE)

ICE focuses primarily on the education sector and implements education-related projects that include three basic steps: need identification, preparation, and training of in-service teachers for both primary and secondary education through various projects. It increases school teachers’ capacities and capabilities by designing and implementing training activities for community school teachers that enable them to use joyful learning techniques in the classroom.

All of the courses are designed to help teachers improve their teaching and learning strategies in order to better support students in the mainstream classroom. IRM’s educational courses help with content, curriculum improvement, and practical lesson planning support. Subject-oriented teaching techniques make use of both traditional and innovative teaching aids to make learning a pleasurable experience.

The center is dedicated to developing supplementary teaching guides and teaching materials that will inspire and empower teachers to become better educators.



ICE organizes training activities to strengthen school in-service requirements, facilitating the transition of the entire rural education system to a new level of operation. To meet teachers’ immediate need for high-quality in-service training.

In-services Training Focus Areas:


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