Poverty Graduation Programme

Loan Portfolio Management Training

The Loan Portfolio Management Training is designed for Senior and Middle Management (Credit Supervisors, Credit Officers, Senior Credit Officers, Micro Credit Managers responsible to managers) of Micro Finance Institutes (MFIs) and other Financial Institutions for the purpose of strengthening their knowledge and build their capacities in the field of Loan Portfolio Management.

This Training exposes participants to various portfolio concepts, Importance of mechanism of Loan Portfolio, Measurement of Portfolio Quality, Micro Credit Risk Management, Causes as well as effects of delinquency and accounting for delinquency.


Loan Portfolio Management Training is designed with objectives to enable participants:


The combination of methods including interactive lectures, group discussions, review technique, brain storming, case studies, practical exercises, and group work makes the training course distinctive.

Duration: 04 Days

Ideal for

Senior and middle management (Credit Supervisors, Credit officers, Senior Credit Officers, Micro credit Managers responsible to managers responsible to manage microfinance affairs) of Micro Finance Institutes and other Financial Institutions.



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