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The Institute of Rural Management (IRM) is the leading capacity development organization in the country, committed to advancing the cause of education for over 25 years. With a strong presence across the country, IRM has established excellent relations with the government and other stakeholders, and is dedicated to achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education by improving access to all forms of education and learning.
At IRM, we focus on primary education and early learning, with a mission to empower school principals and teachers to create advanced learning experiences that inspire and motivate young children. Our training activities are designed to promote joyful learning techniques in classrooms, ensuring that students are enthusiastic and motivated to learn.
IRM offers a wide range of services, beginning with Training Need Assessment (TNA), curriculum design, and material development (modules and guidebooks), to teachers training, school councils training, and training of parent teacher associations, village education committees, and school management committees. Our education sector interventions are designed to review the needs of pupils, share best classroom practices, and offer a range of teaching and learning strategies to support inclusion, thereby ensuring that our interventions are responsive to a diverse and dynamic educational environment.
IRM has established over 100 community-based Smart Schools for street children, using IT technology to enhance learning and provide a better education. We also offer training for public and private sector teachers, teacher training staff, and officials in the education sector. Our Education Sector is committed to improving the quality of education by bridging gaps and empowering teachers to provide joyful learning experiences to their students.
At IRM, we are proud of our commitment to education and our ability to make a difference in the lives of young learners. We are constantly striving to improve and innovate, and look forward to continuing to play a leading role in the advancement of education in the country.

Education Sector of IRM focuses on the preparation and training of in-service community school teachers for both primary and secondary education by designing and implementing training activities that enables them to use the joyful learning techniques in classrooms that increase the students’ enthusiasm and motivation.

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All of the courses are designed to enhance the teaching and learning strategies of teachers to support pupils in the mainstream classroom. IRM’s educational courses facilitate in content improvement of the curriculum and offers support in planning practical lesson.

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Our Teachers’ Training is a step ahead and has been designed to impart advanced methods that are employed for teaching by focusing on primary education and early learning. We provide guidance, resources and a solid, seamless educational curriculum model for future educators that are responsive to a diverse and dynamic educational environment.



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