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IRM Library

IRM Library is a flourishing tribute to, Akhtar Hameed Khan, participatory development legend in South Asia. This research center holds extraordinary reading material based on actual case studies and experiences in published form. Some of AHK’s and Shoaib Sultan Khan’s historical documents are preserved in (real) unpublished form too.

The library hosts about 12,200 books and reports, library e-material (books and reports) reaches 20,300, and NFR/ articles and magazines reach a figure of 4,693. IRM library has the privilege of being a member of USA e-library and HEC digital library.

Majority of the titles at IRM library belong to Development Sector with South Asian Perspective e.g. Poverty alleviation, Rural urban development, participatory development, Economics and micro finance, livelihoods and employment, Education and adult literacy,  Human resource development and management, Infrastructure development and civil engineering, Law and legislation, Mass media & communications, Natural resource management and environment, Water and sanitation and Gender and development etc.

Readers can also benefit from a range of popular national and international magazines and journals available in library.



Under the Current Awareness Service information with regard to the availability of new books (new arrival) and material on various subjects (catalogue/OPAC) are provided to the members.


This is the service provided by IRM library on the basis of selected information according to the needs of the library members. It also offers web browsing which allows users to link with online libraries, archives and research facility.


IRM library is endeavoring to provide the latest information services to the users. Keeping in view the fact that many of our users are at remote places, IRM library also provide DDS for entertaining them at their computers or at the doorstep.  Through this service, we are providing the lists of books/reports available at library.  Users select the documents of their interest and inform the librarian .After analyzing their requirements and they are entertained through one of the following means:


IRM Library is also offering membership service to professionals, students and researchers who want to benefit from its vast collection of books on nearly all topics.


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