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Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Research

Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Research section provides broad picture of IRM’s direction and check the “bottom-line” of its development work. It not only guarantees excellence but also meets competitive demands in response to local and international funding opportunities and assesses quality of all training programmes against set targets. Internal evaluation is also an integral part of PMER, a management tool for self correction and for commitment to quality. PMER section also conducts studies and baseline surveys for other Humanitarian groups.

Planning Monitoring Evaluation & Research (PMER) Section was established at IRM in Jan 2010 with the following objectives:

Planning segment of PMER deals with articulation of the process through which, programme goals and objectives, critical   success   factors, steps and sequences, (necessary for achieving targeted goals) desired   outcomes   and   performance   measures are identified.

is a joint responsibility of all sections where PMER plays the leading role.  Monitoring in IRM predominantly is directed at three key questions:

Evaluation includes a systematic analysis of the impact of the service delivery with regard to targeted population and outcomes to determine if the goals of a programme are realized. In IRM, Evaluations are being done both externally and internally. Monthly Progress Report (MPR), Quarterly Progress Report (QPR), Annual Progress Reports (APR), Donor visits and MIS (for projects record tracking and financial management) serve as reliable tool for monitoring and evaluation.

At PMER, Research primarily deals in identifying new areas of interventions or bringing improvement in the existing procedures leading to effectiveness of the programme activities. For the purpose of strengthening research work, IRM library was established. The Library is a repository of the AKhtar Hameed Khan and Shoaib Sultan Khan’s life & work and RSP’s achievement. It provides a variety of information about poverty alleviation and development in Pakistan and South Asia.



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